Sunday, 28 August 2011

The Book Of Meddlesome Shadows

I created another short story as a spin off from Ousira Alule, This is a story with silhouettes which create shadows rather than pictures in the book.

Ouisra Alule

Inspired by the concept of producing my own fantasy story and art i created a concertina book about a mystical land i named Ousira Alule.

I wanted to add a mystical fantasy to the book itself which i did through the layout and paintings on the book itself. I used strange combinations of colors to create exciting patterns and also wrote part of the story in a blue scroll to add an element of discovery. I then also added a lock to the outside of the book, as Ousira Alule is a well kept secret it can only be accessed by those who have a key.

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Finished comic strip

I greatly enjoyed making my comic strip and playing around on Photoshop to get the look i wanted. I like my end result and think it is a fun modern take on the classic comic strip.

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

My Comic Strip

I have enjoyed producing a comic strip in my own style, it had been fun getting back into photo-editing as well as drawing.

I have now finished my front cover. I have tried to keep in with the classic layout of a comic book by incuding an issue number, name of the comic producer (myself) and also a bold, super-hero title : SAVAGE

When making this i also decided to keep everything other than the photos of my outfit in black and white, this way they are not lost amongst the drawings but instead stand out. I think this is a great modern take on a comic strip/photo shoot. 

Shadow Puppets

Pollocks also sell shadow puppets. I think telling a story through shadows is a great way of enhancing a scary story, particularly for a child this would be very spooky.

Indonesian shadow puppets are most intricate and creepy with long moving arms and sharp faces. 


Pollocks are best know for their toy theaters, they are built from card and the figures can be moved about to act out a play. I love the idea of using art to tell stories in a more interesting way.

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Comic strip production

 To make my photo shoot for my outfit more exciting i have decided to do it in the form of a comic strip, the monsters and backgrounds will be drawn leaving only the model and outfit as photographs, this will bring the focus back to the outfit.

These are a couple of the photos and drawings before being put together. 


I loved working with glass and the glossy perfect finish it created to an image and i had fun experimenting with backgrounds and colour. I like the result i have achieved, the only thing i would change would be to have a larger gap between the glass layers to create a more 3D appearance to the overall image. Using glass as my canvas is most defiantly something i will do again.

3D samples - transformation

For the transformation project after trying out a few ideas i chose to transform a photograph into a 3d image via layering. These are just a few of the try outs i did for painting on glass and layering. I used multiple CD cases and stacked them above each other. For these i tried out using just paint and just photographs as well as paint with a photographic layer. I loved the use of a bold photograph beneath stacked layers of paint, it created a rather surreal and exciting image.

Emma Grzonkowski

These bright intense portraits really captured me after seeing them in castle galleries, they're a medley of bold and bright colors with strikes and splashes all over them yet are composed brilliantly.

Richard Rowan

Rowan uses oil paints on glass, i love the effect that this creates as the light seeping through the paint gives a luminosity and three-dimensional appearance to the painting. A great talent is needed to create such lifelike paintings on glass as the painting has to be done in reverse, the detail first and the background last. I would love to have a try myself at painting on glass. 

Louise Dear

After visiting castle galleries in Sheffield i came across the work of Louise dear. She produces exciting colourful portraits parts of which almost appear like marble with all the splashes of colour whirled together. 

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Human Spriorgraph

This is a brilliant idea and makes me want to have a go myself, i used to love the patterns created by Spirograph as a child.

Friday, 29 April 2011

Fashion Photographers

Tim Walker was a photographer i came across in Vogue Magazine whose photo shoot really stood out for me. He had chosen the theme of Russian dolls to inspire his makeup and shoot creating a rather magical and exciting looking shoot. I love that these models are not only showing the clothing but are transformed into characters for the shoot. 

Another photographer who jumped out at me is Patrick Demarchelier, this set of photos called 'Stardust Memories' depict model Jessica Stam as a cabaret star. Once again bringing the fashion to life using a character and inclination of a story.

Final outfit

This is the top and hood of my final piece so far. I have kept with the fabric and most of the components i originally chose but have added the use of chains to give an edge to my outfit, these also enable the outfit to be adjustable.

Comic Strips

Axe Cop is a black and white superhero comic written by an 8 year old boy and then illustrated by his older, 25 year old, brother. This comic has a brilliant comedy edge to it which makes it more assessable to a wider audience. It is illustrated in simple black and white cartoon type drawings and text is kept minimal.

The Enigma of Amigara Fault is quite an unusual and creepy comic, the story tells of an earthquake revealing human shaped holes in the side of a fault line. People begin to recognize these shapes as their own and are beckoned into the holes and once they go inside do not return. The story has a great ending and i would recommend this as a read.

Monday, 25 April 2011

Photos at the beach

These photos were taken at a beach using my phone camera. Some were edited using the facilities on my phone, some using Photoshop and others not at all. Although i love these photos i wish i had been able to use my SLR camera because the quality of some of the images are rather grainy and none of them are good enough quality to be printed out large.


These are a few photos i took on my phone whilst flying the kites in Glossop, i then edited a few of them using Photoshop once home. I love the vastness of the sky and how the billowing clouds show just how insignificant people are.