Monday, 15 November 2010

Mary Gregg project

After the visit to Platt Hall i developed my research through initial ideas, looking through images from the visit and sketching ideas as i went along. Once i got to the images of Platt Hall itself, rather than those of objects, i began to notice how creepy and ghostly Platt Hall looked. This gave me the idea of giving people a view of the back rooms via photos which have been editied to fit a ghostly theme. I would include a ghost story including information about looking for objects and about the rooms themselves.

Once i had decided this and made drafts of what images i wanted to produce to go with my ghost story, i realised i needed another short trip to Platt Hall to get some of the photographs i needed. I was luckily able to get this opportunity and made the most of it by getting many photos, more than just the ones i definatly needed to give myself a wide range of choice.

Here are a few of those i took..


I then edited the photographs which i wanted to make more spooky or dark to go with my ghost story, these are the photos i ended up with;

 Ghostly glove reaching to close the wardrobe.
 Translucent, smokey figure of a ghost in the coridoor.

I was origionally going to have a gloved hand crawling out of the side of this box. However, i tried drawring this on and decided it looked too comedy. I decide a less subtle approach was better.

 If it is decided that Platt Hall will go ahead with the Mary Gregg exhibition i will print both the photos and story on quality photo paper or canvas depending on costing and what canvases are available.

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Platt Hall - discover behind the scenes...

I was given the great oppotunity to visit Platt Hall with a small group on the course and visit and explore the back rooms where all the items are kept, i used this opportunity to get some interesting photographs of the stock rooms awsell as gather futher research for the Mary Gregg project as many of her items are kept in these rooms.

The visit enabled me to see what spaces are avialable for project and also see exactly what items of Mary Greggs are hidden away. I wish i had had more time to look through the cuboards to find Marys collections, could have spent days doing it. It was very fun and interesting hunting through draws and boxes and discovering new items.