Monday, 25 October 2010

Japanese Street Styles

I have been researching the different japanese street styles as i came across some interesting images of japanese fashions whilst browsing for haloween costumes. Once i came across the visual kei and dolly kei styles i became particularly inspired. I have now decided that my project will to be to take inspiration from these two styles to create an outfit and i will then do a photoshoot with my end result.

Dolly kei :

Visual kei :

Although these are two very different stlyes they equally inspire me. The Dolly Kei layered, busy, antique look inspires me with its use of layers, colour and lace. Whereas the Visual Kei style, which is much more punky and dark, inspires me with its use of holes in fabric, large leggins, metal components and also its heafty use of layered fabric.

After initial research and experimenting in my book with different designs, fabrics and components i began by making a few samples.

Some development of components in my book;

The components i use in my design are very important because this style uses a lot of different components as embelishment to create striking, busy pieces. If i get i rong it may just look cluttered and tacky!

Monday, 18 October 2010

The Nails File

I have decided to include a small blog of all the different nails i have this year because it is something fun and creative which i often do in my spare time.

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Mary Gregg, Platt Hall project.

My initial research on Mary Gregg began on the internet, i visited her site inorder to explore the kind of objects she collected, i found that she kept all sorts of unusual items such as keys, spoons, dresses, shoes, dolls houses and dolls house furniture.

After doing this initial reseach i doecided to leave futher progress on this project unitll the visit to Platt Hall so as i have a better idea of the spaces available and the items that are in the collection.

Glossop Kite Project

I have chosen to start my initial research my looking at how kites fly and how simple ones are made, I read Fun With Kites by J.&K Dyson and Making and Flying Kites by Lloyd Mitchel and Thomas. This has helped me understand how i would need to constuct my kite to make it work and what materials would be suitable.

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Biologists party!

We were given the task, in small groups, to create themed parties. My group was given the theme 'Biologists'. We looked back on our GCSE biology lessons and after taking into account what resources we had available, decided to consentrate on the biology of plants and also on Darwin, a fellow biologist.

Our party space became Darwins work space, containing research, 'Darwinoes Pizza' (Dominoes) and experiments. I felt that the party was a very interesting project and was fun to do although i felt that some lacked enthusiasm and the party itself did not go on for long wich was a shame as it would have been a great oppotunity for everyone to socialise properly. 

Monday, 11 October 2010

Summer Game Project.

My game consisted of a board which looked like blue prints of a house, mystery cards and files to collect. I made the game more interesting by having a short story behind it to do with unusual activity taking place at an abandoned government facility, i gave the players the challenge to retrieve files from within the building.

The people who took part in my game seemed to get quite into it and became greatly competative which told me that my game was a sucess. People seemed to particulary like the small twists and story line i gave to the board game to make it unique.