Sunday, 10 April 2011


I have experimented with different ways of producing jewelry and other accessories using the two different techniques i am thinking of involving in my final piece.

Firstly i tried out using fabric to create a necklace, i love the torn fabric with the metal pendant, it gives a rather unique and pleasant look.

Below an image of the fabric bracelets i have tries can be seen. I have tried both and frayed edge ones for different looks and used different components on them.  I also made a simple chain bracelet using a chain and large clasp which i admire.

I also experimented with duct tape as a means of creating accessories. 

This one is a plain ring, the silver duct tape creates the effect of a chizzled metal ring.

This tape ring has a fabric bow attached to the front using a small wrap of tape around the center of the bow.

To create this bracelet i used a long length of duct tape and folded it in half. I then cut a slit for the button to come through and attached the other side also using tape.

A wider bracelet has been created here by folding the tape length-wise rather than sideways. The colorful buttons complement the dull gray colour of the tape.

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