Sunday, 10 April 2011

sewing tests & development

I produced a few sample garments using elements from my designs which i am hoping to use in my final piece, some were more successful than others but overall i was rather pleased.

This boob tube top was did not work very well, it looks fine in the picture but the lace was too stretchy and so not strong enough to hold the top up very

 This is my second attempt at a fitted top. In the first sample i had put the darts in the wrong place and it did not shape right. This one was quite successful, the top shapes the stomach and bust well.

I chose to add a beaded lace and sheer fabric at the bottom as decoration and to give a quirky aspect to the top.

At the back the top lowers in a V shape for a flattering shape. I also attempted a corset tie at the back for an east way to alter for the closest fitting.  I am rather pleased with my result, However, if i use this aspect in my final piece i will ensure that i make the top more fitted at the top of the bust by using bigger darts.


I did a sample tryout of my own version of legwarmers. I chose to make rather baggy ones but to make them adjustable in height by using a bra strap instead of suspenders. I think that when i produce the legwarmers for my final piece i will make them slightly more fitted than i did for this sample.

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