Sunday, 10 April 2011

Unusual methods

To add my own element to the Japanese Street Style project i have been making samples of unusual ways of joining the two fabrics apposed to stitching. This also gave me the idea of having a design which can be attached together to create an entire outfit and then taken apart to be worn individually. I tried out many different ways including using bathroom sealant, hair slides, elastic bands, safety pins and many more. Below are a few further examples..

 Saftey pins attached into eyelets make a punk looking fastening which can be easily unattached.

Using Velcro gives a neat finish and also easily opened and then refastened. However, i think that using Velcro is too obvious as it is supposed to be used as a fastening with fabric.

Here i have created a corset tie using ribbon and small eyelets. Although i like the sample i think that using it all over the outfit to join together each piece would be too much and too too busy and perhaps even tacky.

In this sample i have tried out using large eyelets and chains to create an interesting joining of the two pieces of fabric. Although these are not able to be unattached this could easily be solved by adding small clasps like used on necklaces.

One of my favorite samples was using duct tape as a means of joining the pieces but not only on seams but also on the hems. This gave a simple, fast and effective result.

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