Thursday, 6 January 2011

Alice in fashionland

In my initial research on Dolly Kei fashion i found out that, sterotypically, these girls take inspiration from fantasy books and films one of which is Alice in Wonderland. I decided that in that case i too should take inspiration from this and decide to take a look at the costumes in the latest film by Tim Burton.

Here we see Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter, immidialtly i noticed the use of cream lace ( in the cuffs) against brown which is something i have already decided to use. The main aspect of his outfit i like is his tophat; the large size of it with abscure and unusual embelishment makes it appear vintage and almost alienesce! A top hat is an accesory i may think about adding to my garnment.

To me this picture to me is full of inspiration; the classic pocket watch of the rabbit, the weird branches coming off the spiraling trees, the creepy lurgy of the spreading moss creating unusual patterns and most of all the colourful but subdued colour scheme creating a magical but still dark and eerie scene. I hope to use this type of colour scheme in my components for my garnment; lots of exciting colours but subdued colours wich look faded, perhaps even antique to go with the visual kei/dolly kei theme.

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