Wednesday, 5 January 2011

The first surrealist...

Many people believe that Dali was the beggining of surrealism, however, this is not the case. When researching artists for my essay i came across information on an artist from the early 1500s who was a religious surrealist painter; his name was Heironymus Bosch..

Bosches paintings depict religous beliefs and tales in an unorthodox way. He followed the beliefs of the 'Brotherhood Of Our Lady' who has their own strong beliefs about christianity. Bosch paintings included surrealist aspects such as morphed, demonic faces, alien like creatures and animals and unproportional objects and animals.

Above is the centre piece of his painting of 'the Garden of Earthly Delights'; this painting depicts man on earth and how emersed they are in a world of sin. A few examples of the surrealism which can be found are the giant fruits and animals scattered across the painting, fantasy birds or creatures flying in the sky and strange, unrealistic buildings by the lake. All this was done hundreds of years before the actual surrealist movement!

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