Thursday, 6 January 2011

Samples- Japanese street style

To start practically designing my pieces for the Japanese Street Style project i developed some designs and played around with compontents for embelishment as this is a very important aspect of the style i have decided to base my garnment on.

I then was able to do some samples using the materials and compontents i wished to use for my design, luckily i was pleasently suprised by these and just to make sure i was happy with them i also did a larger sample where i produced a draw string bag to ensure i liked all the elements on a larger scale and not just a small square.

My favourite part of these samples was most definatly the small swarovski bicone beads. These are had to see properly on the photo but in person they create a glimmering dazzle which i think shows real quality and adds that bit of elegance to the samples and bag. The downside is that these were quite expencive and i will have to use them wisely if i include them in my final piece, which i this point i intend to do!

When making the bag i came across some cream white lace i had lying around, i decided to use this as the drawstring. I very much like the contrast between the cream and brown lace and think that i may also use this in my final piece.

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