Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Trying something new

It was my Mums 50th coming up and i wanted to make her something wich she could use and would appriciate more than something i has just baught. I decided that a necklace would be the best way to do this however i had never made any jewlrey before!

I started off by taking note of necklaces she pointed out whilst shopping, i realised she particularly liked necklaces made with fabric and also took a shine to charm bracelots. below is two examples of necklaces she liked and i took inspiration from..

Making the necklace was quite simple once i had decided on all the components. This is something i would deffinatley consider doing again ; although this was about expencive as buying an average highstreet neclace, you endup with an individual product made to suit the person it is for.

Below is an image of the neckace i made, to present it to my mum i also made a cream box with a cushion inside to make it appear more special and professional.

The comment my Mum made were that she likes the way it is asymetrical, she also likes the use of heavy beading and metal agains the delecate ribbon.

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