Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Liverpool Biennial

This visit to liverpool during the Contempary Art festival included visits to the walker art gallery, fact and the A foundation. Inbetween these places other smaller pieces and galleries were found, it made a very interesting and exciting day.

The modern art section of the Walker Art gallery was quite intreguing, below are a few of the pieces i found most absorbing.

I am facinated by the use of visualisations usually used as photographic tecniques in this painting. Blurring showing movement and ghostly, transparrent figures can be seen making this image appear as a photograph and yet is had been painted.

Steve Proudfoot
The Party, 2010.

Futher on in the walk between galleries, at 52 renshaw Street, the basement contain some very striking and strange, modern art videos.

This is a 40 min video by Ryan Trecartin and contains some extremeley eyecatching material, i like how although this is not a horror or traditionally scary video, there is an element to it wich is so strange that it becomes scary!

We then went on to the FACT gallery, here i found another video of particular interest;

This video is a series of photographs, one taken each hour in each day in a year of the life of the same man in the same place. This series shows the changes in hair and facial features as time goes on.

I love the commitment show to his work, having to be in the same place each hour for a year is a difficult and restraining task. It shows just how much determination he had to create this piece.

Tehching (sam) Hsieh
One Year Piece 1980 - 1981

Finally we ended up at the A Foundation where i found sevral pieces which intersted me;

Patrick Coyle
Goods recieved in Good Condition

Although i am not a great fan of modern art which is just a simple object like this, it reminded me of an experience i had a while ago where my friend had broken their flatscreen TV, similar to this. We then discovered that when you press on the broken screen a beautiful show of liquid like colours appear and spurted across the screen. This is something i wish i had photographed at the time.

Theodoros Samatogiannis

I like the quirkyness of his piece, the giant door is very in-your-face and blatently does not fit the doorway. However, it is not easily noticable upon first entry because it is so big it first appears as a wall untill you see the handle!

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