Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Grimoire Shibuya

This is a shop in Tokyo wich according to some is ' pioneering store behind the Dolly-kei fashion scene'. This store is named after an old book of magic, the idea behind the store is that in each visit you will discover something new and exciting, rather like when you open different pages of the magic book and discover new tricks.

Some might think of the store as cluttered and chaotic but i think that not only does this match the heavily embelished style of dolly kei with its busy prints and many decorative adornments, but it creates an excitement of discovery in the store; you may come back time and time again and discover things you did not notice before, like finding hidden treasures.

The  shop contains used clothes, shoes and all sorts of unusual orniments such as stuffed animals, old fashioned clocks and even old second hand dolls. The eclictic mix of antique and worn items creates a dream-like, fantasy element to the store.To add to this they play music that Dolly Kei girls generally like such as french music, celtic and movie soundtracks.

I would love to visit the store and find out more about how it was set up, what influenced the owner to bring in such items and what can be found in the store. However, with it being all the way in Tokyo, this isnt something likely to happen any time soon, if ever.

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  1. Hi! Grimoire is one of my faves in Tokyo too :) I was just in Grimoire again on Thursday - and yes, they were playing irish music!! Before that, it was Gershwin type Jazz.

    I took a short video of the store when I was there, but haven't uploaded it yet - will do in the next week though :)