Thursday, 6 January 2011

Ghost Stories

To get ideas for my ghost story on Mary Gregg i deided to combine research on Platt Hall, Mary Gregg herself and other ghost stories and ghost tours..

One ghost tour i came across was this one called Flecky Bennetts walk in Manchester, i was hopeng to beable to experience one first hand and hear his stories but there was not a tour available soon enough because of the deadline.

Flecky is a charactor created to give the tours an interesing twist with a slightly crazy, unnerving tour guide. He takes people on a walk round part of Manchester giving them stories about mysterious accounts of ghostly happenings. I hope to use my story rather like a ghost tour to give accounts of supernatural happenings wich took place in the rooms of Platt Hall.

Another place in Manchester i discovered to have reported ghostly happenings is Brannigans nightclub.
According to the paranormal dateabase online, an 'invisable phantom' gets
up to mischief behind the bar and is even believed to have tried to push people down the stairs!

To try and find out more i emailed Brannigans asking if they had any stories or myths about this ghost that they could tell me however they have still not yet repiled.

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